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What do you want to know about your website visitors?

MagnetProfile can provide all the information you need to improve your marketing and sales results. Be the first, join the beta!


The first Visitors Qualification System that really Works!

Over 1,012,64 Qualified Visitors

How MagnetProfile Works

MagnetProfile allows you to qualify the traffic on your website, understanding who they are, and what they need. Thanks to our engine, we can provide to you useful information and syncing them to your CRM, Email Marketing Platform, Advertising Systems, and more.

How MagnetProfile can help your company Growth?

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(Digital) Marketing Agency

Offer your customers an innovative solutions tailored to their needs that can improve their sales results: you’ll have the ability to create value that no one else can have, with an orientation to objectives and performance.

B2C Products & Services

Analyze your users’ behavior and/or profile in real time, and deliver contextual targeted content and suggestions: leverage the return on your marketing investments, simply by providing your users with what they need.

B2B Product & Services

Find out what interests your customers and offer the best solution tailored to their needs: in B2B, speed and customization of services is one of the best competitive advantages that you can have against your competitors.


Provide an unique experience to your eCommerce Visitors: understand who they are and what they need, and show Personalized Content and products based on their profile. Start a Lead Generation strategy to lower the Cost of Sales and improve the Life Time Value.

Travel & Tourism

Every guest is unique and has different needs from other customers: find out their needs to provide an experience that match their characteristics: discover them to offer a unique experience adapted to each individual, raising the perceived quality of your services.

Media & Publishing

New life for the media and publishing world: segment your traffic based on people’s real interests, know what they are passionate about or the type of information they want to receive, and offer to your advertisers a new enhanced way for their investments.

Training & Coaching

Customize the training offer to your customers based on their objectives: you can increase the conversion rate by collecting information about them and know their needs before they say “hello” to your sales force.

Luxury Product & Services

The experience offered by your Brand must be unique and recognizable: it keeps your customers and fans loyal, maintaining a One to One relationship with each of them according to their preferences.

Banking & Financial Services

Maintain an high value-added relationship with your customers by offering them services and products tailored to their needs: you can attract new prospects and loyalize your customers in a unique and innovative way.


MagnetProfile is integrated with the main digital marketing and sales tools, and synchronize all the collected data and information in real-time.

Email Marketing

MagnetProfile is already integrated with all main Email Marketing Platform, allowing you to customize the messages you send to your contacts. Start automating all your emails with the new information you have, segmenting your contacts lists.


Improve the quality of your contact’s database, adding valuable information to support business results without additional coding: MagnetProfile is already integrated with all main CRM systems.


Start targeting your advertising budget in a more effective way using all the data you can retrieve from your users: create custom audience and remarketing lists with the integration of MagnetProfile with the main advertising platforms.

Our Customers

MagnetProfile helps companies improve their marketing and sales challenges, providing them useful information about their visitors, connecting and syncing datas with all the business tools used by companies.

What do you want to know about your website visitors?

MagnetProfile can provide all the information you need to improve your marketing and sales results. Be the first, join the beta!